Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pictures, Packing & Plane Flights!

It's Sunday night, around mid-night here in Florida. Tomorrow is our last full day here with family. We're very sad to even be thinking about leaving because we fly back to LA on Tuesday then on Wednesday Dave and I drive to Utah and I move into an apartment and he gets to go back to California :(

So basically these are our last FULL days together for a while.

This is what happened: My family moved to Utah, and I was stuck with the decision to either stay in California and work at the hair salon and pool, or continue my education and move to Utah(Provo). So after long nights of thinking about all of this and talking it over with Dave, I decided it would be best if I moved, and hopefully he would apply to BYU.

So i paid for an apartment and school, planning on having a long distance relationship, then BOOM Christmas comes around and we're engaged... So even though we are engaged, I will be finishing up school in Utah for 10 weeks.

We're dreading the time apart, but hopefully it will be good for both of us. We have to pick a wedding date so that we have some sort of timeline to work off of... I want to live in Utah and work and have Dave finish school there. Dave wants to stay in California... this will be a tough one.

Okay, enough with thinking about moving.

I'm really focused on


While we've been in Florida since December 24th, we have done quite alot of shopping. I can honestly say that we've doubled our clothing collection since we've been here. Dave loves to shop and buy new clothes, and so do I, therefore we are a toxic mix! The reason we have done so much shopping is because his sister (Emily) is a photographer and she has been taking our engagement pictures (for the past 12 days!!!).

Every location we take a picture at, Dave makes sure that we have a different outfit on than the location before!

Heres a sneak peek of a set of pictures, go to

This is his sisters website, but a sample engagement picture is the opening slide on her site. We didnt pick that to be a main picture, but theres an idea of what we've been doing these past 12 days!

Oh yah, I forgot to put a picture of my ring up on the last post, so here it is!

First Post! (The Proposal!)

My first blog entry! (how exciting?!)
It was Christmas morning on a warm day in Florida! People who were there: Jon (Dave's dad), Lynnette (Dave's mom), Emily (Dave's sis)and her husband Will, Jonny (Dave's bro) and his wife Stephanie, and Dave's neice and 3 nephews.
We were all sitting around taking turns opening presents. I gave Dave a new camera, the Canon 50D! He gave me an iTunes gift card. Everyone was done opening presents and I got this note that said:
"Dear Cassie, I accidentally left a carrot at the house last night. Will you please find it for me? It should be somewhere on the tree, it must have fallen out of my pocket. Thanks! Love, Santa. Merry Christmas!"

So I got up and looked, and looked, and looked.

It took seriously 10 minutes, just moving back and forth around the tree. I really couldn't find it! So finally, Dave gave me a hint and pointed a flashlight DIRECTLY at it, and I still couldnt find it! Then Jonathan pointed it out and I saw it! Beautiful! He took the ring off the branch of the tree, got down on one knee and said "will you marry me?" I answered, "Yes!" and he said "Promise?!".

It was really funny that he would ask "promise", that's a total "Dave thing" to do! Anyway, we're very excited and can't wait to be married in the temple!

Thats a picture of the ring in the tree! No wonder I couldn't find it!!
Well, as of now we have only picked our wedding colors. They are Aqua, Gray and Hot Pink! They sound funny, but look awesome togther!
We are still deciding on a date, it's very difficult to make everyone happy!

It was a very Marry Christmas!