Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hair School.. ROUND 2

Since moving to Utah, I've been in hair school... for the 2nd time! I have only 400 hours to complete, I'm just about half way through. I really like school and my amazing friends! They're so fun! The hardest part is: being 700 miles from Dave!!
Although, it really has brought us alot closer (how can that be, right?) Dave came out to visit me last week, it was SO much fun! We had such a fun week just hanging out and being within 10 feet of eachother most of the days :)
He's so cute;)

OH YAH! I'm driving to California on March 25! I'm going for my friend's bridal shower, BUT that's still a great excuse to see Dave!!

So the wedding is coming along great! Everything is finished!! Now we just have to wait for the time to pass! We've got the temple time, the reception area, the DJ, the dress, the shoes, the cake girl, the flower lady...and more!! I feel like its taking a long time for the time to pass, but part of me feels it is passing quickly.

Well, that's all for now!

<3 Cassie

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  1. cassie your wedding is going to be so cute! ps i have your blog now and will stalk you so you need to be updating you blog more!