Friday, February 4, 2011

Christmas & January in Florida!

We were able to spend Christmas with my family in Utah, it was alot of fun. Christmas morning was crazy! My SEVENTEEN year old brother insisted that we all wake up at 7am to open presents!! The sun wasn't even up before he barged into our room and annoyed us until we finally woke up! We spent the morning opening presents and talking and eating. I made the best homemade cinnamon rolls (thanks to Emily's recipe!). They were HUGE and yummy too :) For Christmas Dave and I got a nativity set, a panini grill, our AMAZING wedding album, and a cute calendar from my parents! Let me just tell you about this wedding album-- it's AMAZING. I show everyone that steps foot into my house (hehe) It is 75 pages of perfect pictures that show every single detail of our perfect wedding! (I love it, if you can't tell). From Dave's parents we got (my favorite) Willow Tree Nativity, pictures, a cute shelf (actually 2), and a cute Christmas quilt. Let's just say Christmas was super fun. A week filled with baking, eating, baking, more eating, more baking... and probably an extra 5 pounds that I do not want... ;)

I guess Dave and I started a new tradition, we once again found ourselves in freezing cold Florida in January. We went for his niece, Jessica's, baptism. It was super fun (did I mention cold?). Dave's brother Kenn & his family came to join us as well! It was a housefull! Let me tell you about our flight to Florida. We left LA at 8am and flew to San Antonio then to Orlando and changed planes to go to Panama City Beach.... It was too cloudy to land in Panama, so they flew us up to Jacksonville to refuel, then flew us to Nashville (so other passengers could catch their connecting flights) We soon left Nashville and headed to Panama... STILL too foggy to land! We circled for about 30 minutes and finally landed at 11:30 PM!!! Let me remind you that Southwest does not serve food and would not let us get off the plane to buy airport food. I was starving (and crying!) It was a miserable flight!
We finally got to Emily's house at 12:30pm and went straight to bed... At 6:30am we hear our door open and 4 cute little kids SCREAM
"DAVE & CASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
We were their surprise! It was very very fun!
We spent the week shopping and hanging out and doing crafts, it was alot of fun! One night we were all sitting on the couch and (of course) talking about babies. I turned to Heidi and said "if you get pregnant, I will too!" (famous last words....) I later received a phone call from Heidi telling me that she is pregnant and its my turn as well!... Let's just say Dave isn't for that deal, and it probably isn't happening! HaHa!
Well, we had a ton of fun and hope to go back in September. As of now, we have no more trips actually PLANNED yet. (most of my friends make fun of me cuz they think the only thing Dave & I do is travel)

I wish I had some pics to post!

Next time

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  1. I love the teal you used in your wedding :) So cute! Love it with the pink as well!